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March 6, 2009

Antique & Vintage Picture Frames are Hot Sellers

With the economy in turmoil and people saving their pennies instead of spending money, we wanted to know what if anything was still going to be hot this coming year.  The general public is a little different than collectors.  Collectors will pay top dollar for an item if they don’t already have it in their collection, is rare or if they think that the price of the item will rise in the future.  The general public will buy an antique or collectible based on nostalgia, style, appearance, color and overall functionality. 

After some research we found that experts generally agree that people will still pay top dollar for collectibles that they can use to help decorate their homes and use on an everyday basis.  One such item is the antique and vintage picture frame.  This is nothing new, antique and vintage picture frames have always been sought after by many people because they are indeed functional and can be used to put family photos in, frame a painting that they purchased somewhere else without one or frame their own art that they have created.

Antique and vintage picture frames can vary not only in appearance, material, style and color, but they can also vary in price. Sometimes you can find very nice smaller frames at thrift stores and flea markets for as little as $1.  Larger frames, which can date back to the 1800’s or earlier and were made by famous makers, can be found at antique shops for thousands of dollars.  Auction houses can also be a good source of antique or vintage picture frames but you have to be careful about everyone bidding on the same thing and driving up the price.

Great Places to Buy Antique & Vintage Picture Frames

Another fine antique show is the Greater Syracuse Antique Expo held at the New York State Fair Grounds in Syracuse, New York.  This show which is in its 19th year features over 200 antiques and collectibles dealers who bring a huge eclectic mix of merchandise that includes period antiques as well as vintage and retro collectibles. This show truly features something for everyone and is set to take place on March 14 & 15, 2009.


Upcoming Antique Shows & Flea Markets

NOVA-Antiques.com provides the most comprehensive antiques show and flea market calendar for the Mid Atlantic region.

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Metal Picnic Baskets are Hot

In the 1300’s in medieval England, the earliest picnics were a tradition of the wealthy and were huge feasts that often included an assortment of baked meats, breads and of course pastries and deserts. 

Another thing that experts agree will be hot this year are vintage metal picnic baskets.  Metal picnic baskets are ideal for decorating in a kitchen because they can add much needed color and or patterns to an otherwise drab space.  Those old picnic baskets from yesteryear come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Picnic baskets can be stacked one upon another or placed on empty shelves, in either case, they could also provide extra storage space to a small kitchen and the best thing of all in this economy is that you can still get them for a reasonable price.

Many of us associate picnic baskets to the old cartoon, Yogi Bear, as he was always trying to steal them.  To others, a picnic basket means a leisurely meal served and eaten outdoors, normally in a beautiful, peaceful park or hideaway.  However, picnics and the associated “baskets” have been around for a long time and date back to medieval times in England.  As a matter of fact, picnics in the 1300’s were feasts enjoyed only by the wealthiest people.  With today’s busy lifestyles, leisurely picnics are fewer and far between, but picnic baskets are here to stay.


Dumb Mikey Sees a Psychiatrist

Mikey has been feeling down for so long that he finally decided to seek the aid of a psychiatrist. So he goes to see this doctor, lies on the couch and spills his guts out.  Mikey starts getting anxious and eagerly waits for the profound wisdom of the doctor, but the psychiatrist seems to be taking a long time pondering what Mikey has said. 


Finally, the doctor asks him a few more questions, takes down some notes on his pad and goes silent again.  Mikey can’t wait any longer and blurts out, “Well Doc, what do you think is my problem?”  The psychiatrist looks at him and says, “Mikey, I think your problem is low self-esteem, which is very common among losers like you.”

Record Auction Price for Yves Saint Laurent Collection

Art from the collection owned by renowned French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, went on sale last week at Christie’s in Paris and was expected to bring in close to $380 million.  As of this writing, a record was paid for a Henri Matisse painting that was part of the collection.  The painting, titled “Cuckoos on a Blue and Pink Carpet” sold for more than $46.4 million, which is a record auction price for a Matisse painting at auction. 

Other record auction prices are being broken at the same auction as some investors have turned to art looking for a safer bet to invest their money in.  Other artist records broken at this auction on the first day included, Brancusi, Duchamp, Mondrain, Klee and Ensor.  Earlier this month, a Degas bronze sculpture titled “Little Dancer” sold at Sotheby’s for more than $19.2 million.


Upcoming Auctions

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Duncan Miller - Three Faces Pressed Glass Pattern

Duncan Miller has its beginnings in 1865.  George Duncan started the company in Pittsburgh and was originally named Duncan and Son’s.  Interestingly, Augustus H. Heisey of Heisey Glass fame was his son in law and was also a partner in the business.  In 1874, they hired John Ernest Miller and the company later became known as Duncan Miller.  Around 1877, George passed away and son James took over the business and moved it to Washington, Pennsylvania. In the mid 1950’s, the company closed its doors and most of their remaining molds were sold to the U.S. Glass company who later made Duncan-ware glass.

Three Faces is a pattern in Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) that is generally attributed to John Ernest Miller who worked for Duncan and Sons in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Rumor has it that the face is in the likeness of Elizabeth Miller, who was Ernest’s wife.  It was first introduced around 1878 and was produced until the factory burned down in 1892.  Like most pressed glass patterns, a lot of reproductions have been made over the years and this pattern is no exception.  However, the Duncan Miller originals are usually identifiable because of the quality of the craftsmanship in the molded pieces and the color of the glass itself. The colors on the reproductions are not as crisp and tend to be grayer than in the originals.


Due to the many reproductions, these Three Faces patterned glass is hard to put a value on.  True Duncan Miller pieces can go for hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the piece.  We recently saw a nine inch vase, in the Three Faces pattern, with leaf etching around the top of the vase and a scalloped rim go for about $70.  However, we have also been at auctions where we have seen a glass cookie or biscuit jar go for more than $1200.  It is generally accepted that the more ornately decorated pieces, like ones with a beaded rim, usually go for the higher prices.  The original molds were lost when in the fire of 1892.

Unusual Cazin Lithograph at Recent Estate Sale

We purchased this early Cazin lithograph at an Estate Sale.  Jean Charles Cazin, 1841 – 1901, was a French landscape painter.  After he studied in France, he went to England where he was influenced by the pre-Raphaelite movement.  We have looked at other Cazin works; this one is unusual in that it appears to depict a French beheading scene. Just goes to show you never know what you may find at an estate sale.


Upcoming Estate Sales

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